Coming Soon: Galaxafreaks!

Wayne Coyne Paper DollRainbow Streak Paper Toy


I’ve been working on a comic book called Galaxafreaks about galaxy sized weirdoes getting up to all sorts of shenanigans! I work using digital media and have been publishing web-comics for a while now. I love the ol’interweb but would also love to spread by cosmic funk-juice through the medium of printed ‘zines.

Galaxafreaks will be exclusively available in print as a 32 page, full colour comic book. None of the content will appear online (apart from the teaser story below). If you could help make this a reality (what is reality anyway?) then I’d be able to continue freaking people’s mind for just that little bit longer!

You never know, if it’s successful I might be able to make it a series and stop washing dishes

I’ve finished over half the comic already and will be posting glimpses and exclusive updates here as the project progresses.

I’ll be launching a fundraising campaign soon to help raise funds for the first edition! In the meantime, here’s a link to a Rainbow Streak Cosmic Freak paper toy!

********STOP PRESS*******


These are going a bit mental! But here’s the rest of the Lips as paper toys! BE WARNED!!! The head slots ain’t right!! will need a tweak!

Steven Part One

Steven Part Two (with correct arms this time!!!)


Brothers Griin Part 1

Brothers Griin Part 2

Brothers Griin Part 3



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