Exquisite Corpse!!

coprse-ad-final In conjunction with thefutureheart.com I’m starting a new exciting experiment with my character Captain Yeah! If you have yet read my comic strip check it out here. Captain Yeah! is a psychonaut dude who travels through time and space solving problems and closing holes in existence.

We would like to invite artists, illustrators, lovers to participate in an Exquisite Corpse experiment starring Captain Yeah! Each artist will only see the last third of the previous page and will to continue the narrative ‘blind’. The story will be revealed on thefutureheart.com. The basic rules are outlined below:

  • Each artist can complete one or more pages of a story line.
  •  The artist only gets to see the last third of the previous page or maybe the last frame
  •  The artist can do anything they like to the story line (following general principles of space and love!)
  • Each artist should change the appearance of Captain Yeah! in some small way so by the end he is completely different (add arms, change head, colour scheme)
  • Your submission doesn’t have to include text or even a narrative, can be abstract but must be in panel format!
  •  Any media/format, drawn, digital, photography etc is excepted

If you fancy getting involved with some pencil squeezing let drop me a line on my Facebook page or that of  The Future Heart. We will send you more details and a time scale!




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