GalaXafreaks Issue 2

Galaxafreaks Comic Book Issue 2 Available Now!

Hey guys! Get yourself a copy of the multiverse’s most freaky full-colour comic now!Click Here!!

Galaxafreaks will eat your brain!

Then chew it up and spit it out in a reconstructed mind-freak! Trust me, you’ll feel better for it!

Face-melting psychedelic comic promising awesome vibes and far-out art for your cosmic pleasure!

Who are the Galaxafreaks?

Where to start? Basically the Galaxafreaks are a bunch of friends who happen to be the size of whole galaxies. However, the whole story takes place inside the brain of a cosmic universal baby who lives inside a Higgs Boson particle. Obviously!

The next issue sees the Galaxafreaks get serious and combat the tyrannical ‘ King Freak’. Here’s a glimpse of the action!

What is the comic like?

A full colour 32 page psychedelic extravaganza.

Printed in high resolution on high quality silk paper.